Project accession Title Keywords #Samples
ERP014408 Analysis of the mouse gut microbiome using full-length 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing Feces C57BL/6 Envigo Laboratory 1
ERP110263 Post-Antibiotic Gut Mucosal Microbiome Reconstitution Is Impaired by Probiotics and Improved by Autologous FMT Cecum Colon Duodenum Feces Ileum Jejunum Stomach C57BL/6 Envigo Laboratory 140
SRP012588 Host genetic and environmental effects on mouse intestinal microbiota. Cecum 129S1/SvImJ A/J C3H/Ri C57BL/6 CAST/EiJ DBA/2JR NOD/LtJ NZO/HILtJ PWK/PhJ WSB/EiJ The Jackson Laboratory Laboratory 94
SRP056326 Effects of vendor and genetic background on the composition of the fecal microbiota of inbred mice. Feces A/J BALB/c C57BL/6 Envigo The Jackson Laboratory Laboratory 180
SRP064488 Commensal Bifidobacterium promotes antitumor immunity and facilitates anti-PD-L1 efficacy. Feces C57BL/6 Taconic Biosciences The Jackson Laboratory Laboratory 5
SRP092663 Initial Gut Microbial Composition as a Key Factor Driving Host Response to Antibiotic Treatment as Exemplified by the Presence or Absence of Commensal Escherichia coli. Feces C57BL/6 The Jackson Laboratory Laboratory 15
SRP095440 A human stool-derived Bilophila wadsworthia strain caused systemic inflammation in specific-pathogen-free mice. Feces C57BL/6 Shanghai Laboratory Animal Center Laboratory 20
SRP098151 Space-type radiation induces multimodal responses in the mouse gut microbiome and metabolome. Feces C57BL/6 The Jackson Laboratory Laboratory 20
SRP099935 Statin therapy causes gut dysbiosis in mice through a PXR-dependent mechanism. Feces C57BL/6 Animal Resource Centre Laboratory 4
SRP102269 Fecal microbiota transplantation confers beneficial metabolic effects of diet and exercise on diet-induced obese mice. Feces C57BL/6 National Laboratory Animal Center Laboratory 7
SRP125798 Influenza A virus infection impacts systemic microbiota dynamics and causes quantitative enteric dysbiosis. Feces C57BL/6 Charles River Laboratories Laboratory 3
SRP145069 Lifelong calorie restriction affects indicators of colonic health in aging C57Bl/6J mice Colon C57BL/6 Janvier Labs Laboratory 20
SRP157514 Functional Gut Microbiota Remodeling Contributes to the Caloric Restriction-Induced Metabolic Improvements. Cecum Feces C57BL/6 Charles River Laboratories Laboratory 53
SRP058488 Apple peel polyphenols: a key player in the prevention and treatment of experimental inflammatory bowel disease. Feces C57BL/6 Charles River Laboratories Laboratory 10
SRP109346 Wild Mouse Gut Microbiota Promotes Host Fitness and Improves Disease Resistance. Ileocecum Mus musculus domesticus Wild mouse Wild 98
SRP200540 Laboratory mice born to wild mice have natural microbiota and model human immune responses. Cecum Feces C57BL/6 Mus musculus domesticus Taconic Biosciences The Jackson Laboratory Wild mouse Laboratory Wild 72
SRP230331 Effects of sex and chronic cigarette smoke exposure on the mouse cecal microbiome Cecum C57BL/6 Charles River Laboratories Laboratory 20