Project accession Sample accession Experiment accession Run accession Sampling location Genotype Vendor Origin
SRP109346 SRS2290101 SRX2924610 SRR5690954 Ileocecum Mus musculus domesticus Wild mouse Wild
Collection date Country Sex Age Life stage Region Metadata Comment #Valid reads #kegg id
2014-10-20 USA NA Adult V4 16856 8960


Method Cutoff No. of OTUs found in the sample Good's coverage of library(%)
CL_OPEN_REF_UCLUST_MC2 0.97 458 99.67

Diversity indices

ACE Chao1 Jackknife Shannon Simpson NPShannon Phylogenetic diversity
490.76 471.87 514.00 4.11 0.05 4.14 598

Rarefaction curve

Rank abundance curve

Bacterial Composition