Project accession Sample accession Experiment accession Run accession Sampling location Genotype Vendor Origin
SRP056326 SRS876876 SRX959707 SRR1919432 Feces A/J Jackson Laboratory Laboratory
Collection date Country Sex Age Life stage Region Metadata Comment #Valid reads #kegg id
2013-05-08 USA Female 7 Juveniles V4 84430 8088


Method Cutoff No. of OTUs found in the sample Good's coverage of library(%)
CL_OPEN_REF_UCLUST_MC2 0.97 626 99.93

Diversity indices

ACE Chao1 Jackknife Shannon Simpson NPShannon Phylogenetic diversity
654.12 635.23 684.00 3.73 0.05 3.74 447

Rarefaction curve

Rank abundance curve

Bacterial Composition